Academic Programs

Within the framework of the University Seminars Program (USP), scholars and professors from all over the world are invited to offer a series of university seminars, lectures and courses at universities and major cultural and educational centres in North and South America. Those invitees who offer mini courses and semester courses are integrated in the academic curriculum of the host universities as Onassis Visiting Professors and their students receive the corresponding academic credits.

In collaboration with Oxford University Press-USA, original scientific works, which are presented for the first time during the lecture tours organized by the USP, are published in the collection of books “Onassis Series in Hellenic Culture”.

Since the inception of the USP in 2000, more than 200 scholars and prestigious speakers have offered seminars, lectures and courses in more than 500 university departments, museums, and other major educational and cultural centres across the US, Canada and Central and South America.

The university seminars and lectures have been attended by approximately 85,000 students, researchers, professors and general audience.

In the context of the USP, four international conferences on Hellenic Studies have been organized in the US, Canada, and Latin America.

In addition, Onassis Foundation (USA) supports important educational initiatives and a variety of educational events.

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