The Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre in Athens

The Branch of the National Gallery in Nafplion

The Church Towerbell of Aghia Fotini in Nea Smyrni, Athens

The Cathedral Church of the Annunciation in Alexandria, Egypt


Public Benefit Programs
According to the will of Aristotle Onassis, the Board of Directors’ primary concern is the allocation of funds towards the Onassis Foundation’s institutional programmes and activities, which comprise Educational Scholarships and Grants (addressed to Greek post-graduate students and Ph.D candidates as well as to foreign professors of higher education institutions, researchers, post-graduate students and Ph.D. candidates), the cultural and academic activities of the Affiliated Onassis Foundation in New York, the promotion of Greek Studies abroad and the diverse activities of the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens.

The Onassis Cultural Centre’s  programme has been strategically planned on a long term basis so that it can serve and promote Contemporary Greek and international Culture, Letters and Arts. The benefits derived from its contribution in the field of Culture both on a national and international level are highly reciprocal and affect not only Greeks but all active citizens worldwide, while at the same time, it has already become a major attraction and learning source for the young. As a result, all of the Foundation’s cultural activities are primarily realized through the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens.

The Foundation keeps abreast of needs arising within the areas of its activities and may proceed, to some extent, with the support of independent programs, actions or collaborations that are consistent with its regulations and aims; yet clearly, priority is given to actions directly linked to the Foundation’s formerly established programmes.
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The Onassis Foundation, within the above-described context, implements funding programs on a case by case basis, exclusively addressed to non-profit organizations, in the fields of art and culture, education, health, and social solidarity.

The Onassis Foundation does not make donations and does not offer grants or scholarships to individuals outside the context of its established Scholarships programs.

All applicant organizations are asked to submit their requests electronically by completing the relevant Request Application.

The Foundation accepts applications for donations throughout the year, which are evaluated by the Foundation’s Board of Directors during regularly held meetings, following internal procedures. All applicant organizations will receive a written reply to their requests.

The Foundation does not encourage the submission of a new application for donation by an organization that has already received financial support in the past.

For more information:

Tel: 0030 210 3713020


Contact Person: Ms Alkisti Iliadi

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Funding Application Submission

Application for funding of Organizations

Please note that the submission of the form is automatically fulfilled by pressing the Submit button. As long as a request has been successfully submitted, a message will appear on your screen, thanking you for your submission. The submission of the form may take a few seconds to be completed. Please do not resubmit the form. Thank you for your cooperation

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