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Efrosini Protopapa

Dancetheatre performance ShowReal by Efrosini Protopapa and her group, Lapsus Corpi, co-commissioned by Laban theatre and Dance4 center, toured Great Britain in the fall of 2009, sponsored by Arts Council England and the participating parties. The show was also performed at nottdance09 international annual festival in Nottingham, at ShowRoom theatre in Chichester, as well as at Laban theatre and Robin Howard Dance Theatre in London.

Based on the world of cinema, ShowReal unfolds as a choreographed unpredictable game which, through the interpretation of film roles by its performers, transfers the two-dimensional screen to the three-dimensional theatre stage.

Efrosini Protopapa has been the artistic director and choreographer of Lapsus Corpi performance group since 2003 and has presented her works both in Greece and abroad. She is a First-Class Honors graduate of the State School of Dance and the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens, has obtained a post-graduate degree at S.N.D.O. in Amsterdam and the Laban Center in London, has taught in many Greek and foreign universities, and has recently submitted her doctoral dissertation in the British University of Roehampton.