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Efrosini Protopapa, Dionysis Tsaftaridis, Katia Savrami, Maria Wiener

Τhe 1st International Dance Conference of the Association of the Greek Choreographers entitled “Dancing Bodies: Practices and Politics” took place on April 22-25, 2010. The conference aimed at discussing modern choreography through theoretical lectures by Greek and foreign speakers, as well as through the performance of works of Greek choreographers. It was co-organized by the Association of the Greek Choreographers (president: Petros Gallias), the Department of Theatrical Studies of the University of the Peloponnese (president: Vasso Barboussi, associate professor, and chair of the Scientific Committee) and the Athens Concert Hall, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and with the support of theMinistry of Education, the Hellenic Center of Theatre and Dance and the U.S. Embassy in Athens.

Among the participants, who submitted interesting and original presentations were Sherry Shapiro (Director of Women’s Studies at Meredith College, North Carolina), Maxine Sheets Johnstone (Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon), Ramsay Burt (De Montfort University, U.K.), Ann Cooper Albright (Oberlin College, USA), André Lepecki (Performance Studies, New York University), Vera Mantero (Performer, Choreographer, Portugal), Svi Shapiro (Ph.D. program in Education and Cultural Studies, University of North Carolina), Marten Spangberg (MA program in choreography, University of Stockholm, Sweden) and Susan Leigh Foster (Department of World Arts and Cultures, UCLA).

The participation of the Onassis Foundation scholars is worth mentioning: Efrosini Protopapa (Choreographer, Theatre researcher, Dance teacher) juxtaposed notions such as “time exhaustion” and “fatigue” and presented the new possibilities Οf renewing contemporary choreography. She also talked explored the increasing influence of Beckett’s thinking in contemporary choreography through examples of artists such asVera Mantero, Maguy Marin and Jérôme Bel.

Dionysis Tsaftaridis (Video dance director and Dance theoretician) initiated the audience to “Screen Choreutics” (the structure and harmony of space), a notion first introduced by Rudolf von Laban (1966). By focusing on the relation between the spectator and the film performer, he discussed notions which relate to the field and are based on the theoretical field of dance movement analysis. He also examined the way these notions materialize on the level of film recordings.

Maria Wiener (Lecturer and Course Leader in the department of “Media Performance” at Bedfordshire University) talked about the knowledge which exists -consciously or unconsciously- in the creative process and focused on the challenge of the unknown that the choreographer faces, as well as the instinctive choice of particular elements he/she has to bring together in order to complete his/her work.

Katia Savrami, Lecturer in the Department of Theatre studies, University of Patras and vice-chair or the conference scientific committee, discussed the functionality of the title in the wider comprehension of choreographies through representative samples of titles from the prevailing movements and the different types of dance in the 20th century.

Maria Tsouvala, lecturer in the Department of Preschool Education, University of Thessaly was the secretary of the Scientific Committee.

One of the main goals of the conference was to present the nature and polymorphy of dance with the ultimate goal the convergence of theory and practice, an element which is essential to its balanced and complete development. The conference was the third scientific meeting in Greece in the last decade on the subject of dance, the first being the international conference organized by the Scholars’ Association (The Art of Dance Today:Education, Production, Performance, the Athens Concert Hall, November 2002) and the second the international meeting, sponsored by the Onassis Foundation, at the Department of Theatre studies of the University of Patras, in May 2009. Katia Savrami was the scientific coordinator for both events and contributed with lectures.