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Kostas Plessas

Ιn February 2006, Kostas Plessas held an individual art exhibit entitled “Faces” at Choros Technis “24”. The same exhibit was presented for the first time at London’s Hellenic Centre in 2005 and the artist also participated in the Frissiras Museum exhibit for the European Art Award.

The identical exhibit was transferred to Choros Technis “24” so that it could be enjoyed by Athens art lovers. Chronis Botsoglou, Professor and Rector of Athens School of Fine Arts, makes the following remark about Kostas Plessas: “the most tender creature on earth is the human being when it is being tender.

The most inhuman creature on earth is the human being, the most evil, the most angelic. This is how we are made, inside and out. And in this world, Kostas Plessas guides us with his paintings, choosing the barest, most direct road that leads us to others. A road free of easy sentimentality and supposed artistry and fake values of the living room, choosing the most indigent means - a couple of coloured pencils - to draw it”.