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Loukia Richards

Scholar, Loukia Richards, took part in the team exhibition, Heirlooms - An Exhibition for Rings, which was organised by the Association for Contemporary Jewellery at St. Botolph church in July 2006.

Using the ring –global symbol of bonds, continuity, and love– as the sole means of artistic expression, participants were called upon to create a piece of work answering the following question put forth by the organisers: “What will archaeological excavations reveal a thousand years from today? What will the work we leave behind tell them about us, the period, and the world we live in?” Richards’ participation featured a ring made of fabric, threads, and diamond buttons hoping to present "the game”, and whatever that entails (imagination, joy, teamwork), as a cultural element and legacy for future generations given the particularly dreary present and in view of an uncertain future.

The exhibition was carried out under the auspices of the Arts Council, which is a state organisation for supporting the arts in Britain. The art scholar also participated in a jewellery exhibition devoted to non conventional and recyclable materials held at the Diana Porte Contemporary Jewellery gallery in Bristol, England in the summer of 2006.

The work displayed by Richards made reference to Greek embroidery and folkloric clothing.