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Konstantia Gourzi

In the context of this year's tribute to Greece, the Munich Chamber Orchestra conducted by Christoph Poppen has charged maestro and composer Konstantia Gourzi with the task of composing her own piece based on Beethoven's "Prometheus". The result of this particular request was the composition of four pieces entitled "Poems to Prometheus" interposed between the parts of Beethoven's work.

The scholar's composition was presented at three concerts in Munich, Essen, and Ravensburg, Germany in January 2006, and received warm praise from the German press.

In February 2006, as part of the artistic events of the cultural capital, "Patras 2006", Konstantia Gourzi conducted the Patras Orchestra on pieces by Mahler, Stravinsky, Haydn, and Adamopoulos, featuring violin soloist, Giorgos Demertzis. For the first time in Greece, on May 5, 2006, she conducted the German modern music ensemble, oktopus ensemble, of which she is also artistic director, on works by Schonberg with jazz improvisation, and Berio.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the music written by the scholar for the film "Warchild", directed by Christian Wagner, was nominated for best music in German film award. The film, which will be shown at Berlinale 2007, received the Special Jury Prize at the Bavarian Film Awards and the best screenplay award at the 30th World Film Festival in Montreal, Canada.

The scholar's latest activities also include the creation of an ensemble entitled opus 21-musik plus, which is aimed at presenting new artistic trends based on music, like music and light, music and dance, music and painting, and music and movement. The ensemble will record its first CD in the spring of 2007 in collaboration with the Bavarian Radio, and in November 2007, it will perform Vivaldi's Four Seasons, in a Konstantia Gourzi's transcription, at a concert to be held at the Kassel Music Festival. The scholar's second string quartet will also make its premiere at the festival.