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Ermis Theodorakis

The pianist and composer Ermis Theodorakis recently gave performances in Germany and Greece. In October 2007, he appeared at the Leipzig Academy of Music and Theatre and at the Spinnerei where he performed works by C.S. Mahnkopf. During the spring and summer of 2007, he gave recitals at the Dresden Music Academy of works by Schoenberg, B. Ferneyhough and PyoungRyang Ko, and in Leipzig where he performed Xenaki’s complete piano solo works.

He also performed his own composition entitled Parallages and participated in a number of contemporary music concerts. In March he appeared as a soloist, at an event organized by the Benaki Museum, dedicated to Giorgos Sisilianos, in cooperation with the Orchestra of Colours.

During 2007, he completed his own compositions entitled Music for Keyboard Instruments, a duo for piano and cembalo and Integration, for solo cello whilst his older works Strijktriostuk (2006) for three string instruments and Parallages (2002) for solo piano were presented in Athens and Leipzig.

Also, in 2007 he recorded, with the Hellenic Society for Aesthetics, works by G. Sisislianos with D. Cramer also on piano.

Ermis Theodorakis obtained his Piano Diploma at the Athens Music Society Conservatory along with a unanimous award of a First Prize and of a special Iannis Xenakis prize, for his interpretation of the work Mists. From the same Conservatory, he also obtained his Diploma in Composition with a unanimous grade of Excellent and a First Prize. With a scholarship from the Onassis Foundation, he completed postgraduate studies in piano and composition in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Currently, still an Onassis Foundation scholarship holder, he is continuing his studies in composition at Leipzig Music Academy under Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf. He is also a candidate lecturer at the Music Studies department of the University of Athens.

He tends to place great significance on interpreting new music but also interprets important works of the classical repertoire. He has recorded six albums with 20th century music for piano as well as Xenakis’ work Synaphaï together with the Orchestra of Colours.

He has composed works for solo instruments and chamber music, he has been awarded a Discography prize by the Greek Union of Music and Drama Critics, for his recording of the complete piano solo works by Iannis Xenakis, and a UNESCO prize for his services to Greek Contemporary music. In a letter of recommendation towards Ermis Theodorakis, Iannis Xenakis has stated that he considers him an ideal interpreter of his music.