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Pedro Olalla

Pedro Olalla, Vice-President of the Board of the Scholars Association was honoured by the Athens Prefecture with the title of "Ambassador of Hellenism" in a special ceremony held at Athens Concert Hall on March 4, 2010.

Embarking on the writing of Mythological Atlas of Greece in 2001, a work sponsored by the Onassis Foundation and awarded by the Academy of Athens, Pedro Olalla has accentuated the anthropocentric qualities in his works Blissful Arcadia (2005) and Minor History of Greece (2008).

Pedro Olalla has studied Philology, History, History of Art and the Greek language, and has been working in Greece for sixteen years as a researcher, author, photographer, lexicographer, while he also teaches Spanish in the University of Athens and the Hellenic Parliament. In addition to his love for Greek culture, it is his general perspective that renders him a true ambassador.

In his speech during his nomination to an Ambassador of Hellenism, he reminded the audience that being an ambassador of Hellenism means that "we are called upon to have faith in man’s ability to choose good freely while trying to build a world of ethics, aesthetics, justice and freedom where doubt delivers from dogma", a stance which entails "an action of resistance to adverse and barbaric surroundings".