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Konstandinos Terzidis

Konstandinos Terzidis has been elected an Associate Professor of Architecture at the Graduate School of Design of the Harvard University, where in the past he had been an adjunct professor. Also, until 2004 he had been an associate professor of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). His courses focus on programming and computing in architectural design.

He holds a diploma from the School of Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Having been granted a scholarship from the Onassis Foundation, he pursued postgraduate studies at the Ohio State University. He also holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of Michigan, after been granted another scholarship by the Onassis Foundation.

He has given lectures, participated in international conferences and publicized various articles in the scientific press. In 2003, his book ‘Expressive Form: A Conceptual Approach to Computational Design’ (Spon Press-Routlege) was published. It offers an approach on the impact and the potential of digital design in Architecture. His new book entitled ‘Algorithmic Architecture’ exploring these issues further will be published shortly.