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Angelica Cathariou


An Onassis Scholar and elected member of the Board of Directors of the Onassis Scholars Association mezzo soprano Angelica Cathariou graces the international concert stage for many years with considerable success, and has distinguished herself through her collaborations with renowned artists and ensembles, as well as with numerous recordings (“Orphée d’Or 2012” Prize for Xenakis’s Zyia - Grand Prix International du Disque Lyrique) with some of the most prominent labels in the world.

Her book 'L’Atelier Moderne': An Exploration of the Collaborative Process between Performer and Composer in Vocal Music Theatre of the 21st century (New York: ΝOVA Science Publishers, 2017, ISBN: 978-1536108910), unfolds all the characteristics and virtues of an experienced and successful opera singer and vocal performer who also has a very strong research and academic background (she holds a PhD from the University of York and is Assistant Professor at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki).

In her book Angelica Cathariou explores – from the performer’s point of view – the creative relationship between composer and vocal performer and the practical application of an interactive approach to the creation of a Music Theatre work today.

The book comprises a chapter dedicated to the Atelier Lyrique du Rhin, an organization that played a key role in the creation of the genre of music Theatre in France, and four case study collaborations that investigate the importance of shared work within a frame of openness, confidence and experimentation. It also includes an excellent CD with the world premiere recording of Amfictyonia I for mezzo soprano and flute by composer Theodore Antoniou, dedicated to and performed by Angelica together with Nicolos Demopoulos, principal flautist of the Thessaloniki State Orchestra.

The present publication is precious not only because the book of one of the most internationally accomplished Greek vocal performers is being presented by a publisher with a worldwide reputation, but also because Angelica Cathariou, based on her solid academic background, analyzes in a thorough and comprehensible way a greatly interesting aspect of the contemporary artistic creation from inspiration to performance and beyond.

(Dionisis Malouhos is a pianist and coordinator of the 3rd Program of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation ).