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Tassos Boulmetis

Tassos Boulmetis' film Mythopathy won the best film prize at the Hellas Filmbox festival in Berlin on 22 January 2017. The prize was awarded because "watching Mythopathy is like taking a hot dip in nostalgia, mystique and genius. The Athens of what is Boulmetis' partially autobiographical past is conveyed with such love that spectators are left with a permanent smile on their face. The sets, costumes and wonderful nostalgic music by Evanthia Remboutsika create a harmonious whole, and the actors supporting the amazing new star Giannis Niarros are impressive, yet utterly authentic at the same time. Charming and fun on a first reading, Boulmetis' film also expresses his views about the root of modern-day Greece's problems, as the story follows the central figure from the mid-1960s and through the 1970s to its finale in 1981. History and myth intertwine in three different ages in a balanced, cohesive, humorous fashion. The director's script is full of poetic references, with an impressive array of characters and emotions, all of which contribute to the overall end result".

Mythopathy, the third feature film by acclaimed director and producer of A Touch of Spice, has also taken part in other festivals relevant to the Greek Diaspora such as the Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sao Paolo and Nuremberg Greek Film Festivals. It has also been screened during the Greek Cinema Month in Paris and Brittany, and has been invited to take part in the Istanbul Film Festival in April this year and the EU Film Festival which will be held in the USA to introduce selected European films to an American audience. Mythopathy was also chosen to open the New York Greek Film Festival which was hosted at the Metropolitan Museum on 29 September 2016.