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Michael Cosmopoulos

Michael Cosmopoulos was elected as a member of the European Academy of Science and Art based in Austria. He is a Professor of Archaeology, and the Hellenic Government – Karakas Foundation Professor of Hellenic Studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA. He specializes in Classical Studies, Anthropology and Archaeology, and ancient Greek religion, social and cultural memory, and the organization of ancient Greece in particular, with a special emphasis on the Mycenaean world.

His work as director of excavations at Iklaina in Messinia brought to light the oldest written record in Europe in Linear B script dating from between 1450 BC and 1300 BC, demonstrating the existence of government bureaucracy and changing everything we thought we knew about the start of organized states up until now.

Michael Cosmopoulos' joined the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, based in Austria, which includes some of the world's leading scientists (including 33 Nobel Prize winners) at a special ceremony held on 4 March 2017, in Salzburg, Austria. Professor Cosmopoulos was recently invited to speak at the Alma Mater Europaea University.