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Effie Pappa

Effie Pappa's short animation " My Stuffed Granny" won the Jury's Special Award at the Tokyo Anime Film Festival. It's an imaginative 10-minute film made using the stop-motion technique. It tells the tale of young Sophia, who loves her whining granny even though she's always starving and eats up the pitifully little food the family can afford to buy. Granny's pension is the only thing enabling Sophia and her father to get by. However, when granny dies, they need to find a way to scrape a living.

The film was featured at numerous festivals, garnering critical acclaim. It was screened at the anniversary 20th Premiere Nights in Athens, at the Animasyros International Animation Festival + Agora, at the Thessaloniki Festival, at the Greek Film Archive Foundation as part of the Athens AnimFest, and at Polytechno in Corfu as part of the Corfu Animation Festival. Vimeo also recently declared "My Stuffed Granny" short-film of the week and "staff pick". Thanks to this distinction and the relevant publicity, within a few days tens of thousands of people watched this extremely interesting film.

Effie Pappa currently lives and works in London. On hearing of her recent prize, she said that she simply wanted to offer a little bit of support and optimism to all young people in Greece and around the world facing difficulties. "All dreams will come true with work, love and dedication. In the end, all the tribulations and difficulties, will conspire in favour of it. That's sort of how this film started off. With a lot of love, we overcome the difficulties, preferring instead to view them like small challenges. I'd wholeheartedly like to thank everyone who came on the journey with me and helped me make the dream a reality. Thanks to all the festivals who provided a home to my small dream along with so many others, with so much love and care. It's a great honour to receive distinctions from global festivals like the Tokyo Anime Awards," said the scholar.

Watch the film here: