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Utilising his knowledge of engineering, acoustics and music, Giorgos Koutsouris creates works of modern art where movement and sound play a primary role. In 2009, on a scholarship from the Onassis Foundation he travelled to Denmark to do postgraduate studies in Acoustics. Once he graduated, he began working as a researcher and acoustic set designer. He also began experimenting with combining engineering and art.

In June 2014 the Copenhagen Metro funded the work entitled Rotating Waves, which recreates the natural environment in an urban setting. The work was on display for 7 months. A set of spirals filled with beads was placed in a 20-m stretch of wall at a new Metro station. Every spiral was able to spin in the wind. When it spun, the movement of the beads created sounds similar to the sound of waves on a pebble-filled beach. The overall stochastic movement of the spirals created a sea soundscape in the noisy heart of the city.

The following May, the artist installed another work at Copenhagen Metro to encourage direct communication between citizens in an otherwise widely digitised age. The work entitled Speaking Labyrinth consists of a set of holes in a corner wall connected to pipes located behind the wall. The pipes allow sound to travel from one hole to the other, and so anyone talking into a hole on one side can be heard from some unexpected hole on the other side. Friends, relatives or even strangers visiting the metro are invited to engage in an entertaining dialogue between the two sides of the wall without being able to see each other, brought together only with the immediacy of their own voices.

For more information visit the artist’s own website.