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The Onassis Cultural Centre scholar, Dr. Evrpidis Loukis, was acclaimed one of the leading professors and researchers worldwide in the field of e-government at the IFIP International Electronic Government Conference held in Dublin in September 2014.

The keynote speech at the event presented a study analysing research activity in the e-government sector to date prepared by the University of Washington and published by the major German publisher Springer. Among other things, that study identifies the world’s leading 50 professors and researchers in this sector, based on the total number of research publications over the last 15 years. Dr. Evripidis Loukis was in the top 20, reflecting recognition of his international research activities and his contribution to this highly complex field of major social importance, which requires a combination of elements and methods from the technological, administrative and socio-political sciences.

Research papers by Prof. Loukis on e-government have been published in leading academic journals and presented at conferences worldwide. He has also taught a series of courses in the sector on postgraduate degrees at the Hellenic National School of Public Administration and the Department of Information and Communications Systems Engineering at the University of the Aegean.

Evripidis N. Loukis is Asst. Professor at the Department of Information and Communications Systems Engineering at the University of the Aegean and Deputy Dean of the Department. He graduated in electronic engineering from the NTUA, and did postgraduate studies in Automated Control and Computer systems at Imperial College at the University of London on a scholarship from the Onassis Foundation. Following that he prepared a doctoral thesis of Decision Support Systems at NTUA. He won the Best Paper Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) – Control and Diagnostics Committee (1991) and the European Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (2011). He has served as an expert at the Ministry of the Presidency of the Government (now the Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance), as national representative on the European Union’s Interchange of Data between Administrations (IDA) and Telematics for Administration programmes, and as technical advisor to various ministries and public organisations. Today he is engaged in extensive research activities internationally in close cooperation with leading universities, such as ETH Zurich (the Swiss Federal Technical University), the University of Delft and the Polytechnic University of Turin.