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Eleftherios Tsiridis

Eleftherios Tsiridis, Associate Professor of Orthopaedics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, was presented in the US with the Rothman-Ranawat international medical award. This award honours four distinguished American orthopaedic surgeons who specialize in knee or hip replacement surgery. They are selected based on their high-level performance in surgical procedures and cutting-edge research, and are deemed – by the evaluation committee – to be leaders in the specific field of Orthopaedics over the next twenty years. Under exceptional circumstances this award is also bestowed on joint replacement surgeons from the rest of the world, hence Greek surgeon Professor Tsiridis was awarded on his outstanding achievements in arthroplasty.

The aim of this fellowship is to create close ties between the awarded doctors and the most distinguished US surgeons in more than twelve globally acknowledged arthroplasty centers in the US and Canada. The award ceremony will take place at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in New Orleans. This will be followed by a brief visit to these twelve centres where the fellows will jointly perform replacement surgeries, the ultimate goal being to exchange and share technical expertise and information. In addition, the four new surgeons in this way join the US elite of joint replacement surgeons and thus develop a huge collaboration network.

Eleftherios Tsiridis studied at the National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore around 13 years ago on an Onassis Foundation scholarship. This experience initiated him into innovative surgery methods in the field of hip and knee arthroplasty, and in other complicated surgeries, such as joint revision surgeries, at the side of acclaimed British surgeons like Bentley and Muirhead-Allwood. The Onassis scholarship also supported his further specialization in arthroplasty at the Boston Medical Center.

After a successful 17-year career abroad, Mr. Tsiridis returned to Greece and was elected Associate Professor of Orthopaedics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In October 2013, he was honoured by Harvard University and was invited to give a speech on hip and knee revision surgery.

The importance of this distinction being awarded to a Greek doctor is multi-faceted as it opens channels for specialized collaboration and dialogue between Greek Universities and young orthopaedic doctors and the US, with a view to contributing to the advancement of research, to fostering innovation and to furthering clinical practice. This honorary title awards Professor Eleftherios Tsiridis’s endeavours and sets an example for the younger generation. It provides the Greek scientific community with hope and instils confidence in Greek patients because such surgical procedures can now be performed with the utmost success and safety in our country.