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Konstantia Gourzi

The Gasteig Cultural Centre in Munich hosted on October 4, 5 and 6, 2013, a highly compelling art event entitled Flying Carpet 2013 – Odyssey performed by opus21musikplus artistic network, based on a concept by distinguished director and composer Konstantia Gourzi. Three composers from three different countries: Sinem Altan from Turkey, Amos Elkana from Israel, and Giorgos Koumendakis from Greece, presented three operas in a combined work for children, youths and adults in five languages (Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, English and Ancient Greek). Each opera examined its own special theme. In her opera Lotus-Insel, Sinem Altan focuses on the twofold issue of migration-integration; Amos Elkana, through his work Τhe Journey Home, invites us to probe the threefold issue of victory-evil-humility; while Greek composer Giorgos Koumendakis in his workOmiros-Orimos explores the invisible aspects of coming home.

Music and theatre act as a medium for the different origins and traditions of the composers through which a lingua franca is formed in order to interact, learn and exchange experiences, by setting on stage their cultural backgrounds, their home countries and their own personal realms. This multi-layered expression embodies the vision of the prominent associates of the music ensemble and of its artistic director, Konstantia Gourzi, which is to establish a common language through art, to achieve convergence through difference and synthesis through antithesis, to provide a fresh look which examines and redefines traditions.

The works composed by four soloists, a children’s choir and the music ensemble opus21musikplus inspired soprano Anna Stylianaki, mezzo-soprano Susanne Drexl, tenor Aco Bišćević, bass singer Raphael Sigling and the Bavarian State Opera children’s choir (conducted by Stellario Fagone) who were directed by Martina Veh and conducted by Konstantia Gourzi. Stage design was by Alexander Polzin. The event was sponsored by the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation and the Ernst von Siemens music foundation amongst other organizations.

In September 2013, opus21musikplus was invited by the Academy for New Music 2013 to give a concert held at the University of Munich, performing works by Hye-Yeon Choi, Martin Loridan, Pascal Dusapin, Hans-Henning Ginzel and Konstantia Gourzi and conducted by Konstantia Gourzi herself, who since 2013 has been appointed head of the conducting master class for music ensembles at the Academy.

In spring 2013, Sony Music released Βach und Mehr, in which violinist Nils Mönkemeyer performs works by Bach, Penderecki, Herteinstein, Beamish and, in a world premiere recording, the work by Konstantia Gourzi “Nine lullabies for a new World”, which has already received exceptional reviews from the international Press.