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Sozita Goudouna

The Onassis Scholar Sozita Goudouna is the artistic director of the new programme PublicScapes involving Art and Curatorial Practices in the Public Sphere that will be launched on the 23d of November 2013 with Mat Chivers' performance installation “Root,” in Monastiraki Square at the centre of Athens. Publicscapes is organised by Art-Professionals-In-Athens Residency: a new Artist/Curator/Collector-in-Residence supported by NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework 2007–2013 ESPA) under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture & Sports. The programme features leading figures from the arts, visual and sound artists, dancers, choreographers and architects that will participate in happenings, interventions, installations and actions in relation to the material/social conditions of public space in Athens. Art Professional-In-Athens Residency incorporates public art into its official programme so as to activate public space and uses art as a medium to engage with citizens and communities and influence the development of the city’s cultural identity.

The scholar is also (from 2008) the artistic director of the Non-Profit Out Of The Box Intermedia based in London and Athens; the company presented a retrospective of the projects Ms Goudouna has curated at Art Athina International Fair of Athens in May. Raqs Media Collective was presented for the first time in Greece with the artworks “The Capital of Accumulation” and “disOrient.” In conjunction with Raqs the booth presented the projects that have been produced by the company under the auspices of the European Cultural Foundation, the British Council, the French Institute and the Ministry of Culture (Spaces Within Spaces Festival, Shunt Vaults, London 2009, Locus Solus, Byzantine Museum 2009, Benaki Museum 2010, Eleventh Plateau, Hydra Historical Archive Museum, Greek Archeologists Association, Hydra 2011, UN/INHABITED Site-Specific, Island of Delos, 2012, Metabolism of Forms, Hunterian Museum, London 2012, The Metaphor of The Blind, French Institute Athens and Athens University).

Dr. Sozita Goudouna's professional career has focused on curatorial practice and on education in the visual arts, architecture and performance. Her book Mediated Breath: Interfaces between Beckett's intermedial Breath, Fried's Theatricality and the Visual Arts will be published at Rodopi Academic Press, New York & Amsterdam in 2014. Dr Goudouba holds an MA from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in conjunction with the English department of Kings College, University of London (1999-2000). She also studied Philosophy & Theatre in London (BA 1996-99) and she has completed her PhD on Intermediality at Royal Holloway, University of London. She has curated exhibitions in London and Athens in venues such as Shunt Vaults, Hunterian Museum, French Institute, ICA, Barbican Centre, Benaki Museum, Byzantine Museum, Historical Archives Museum Hydra, Place-London etc. She is a contributing editor at Commonground Publishing, at Intellect Publishers and Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group and her articles have been published in various academic journals. She has, also, given lectures at Tate Modern, Documenta/Kassel, Psi, IFTR, Tapra, Prague Quadrennial, Venice and Sydney Biennale.