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Emmanuela Kapokaki

Prassein Aloga puppet theatre represented Greece in the World Puppet Carnival in Jakarta, Indonesia (1–8 September 2013), a competition festival featuring 70 performances from 46 countries.

Sugarkneaded by scholar Emmanuela Kapokaki received the Original Solo Performance prize. A picture of the performance featured in The Jakarta Post national newspaper. The Greek flag waved among 45 other flags. The performance excited not only members of the artistic world but also the people of Jakarta, an audience literally from the other side of the globe!

Sugarkneaded had premiered at the Onassis Cultural Centre in February 2010. The theatrical team Prassein Aloga gives performances with actors and puppets for both children and adults in various theatres and schools. This year, the theatrical company celebrates 15 years of dynamic presence in the artistic realm, and the Foundation of the Hellenic World has prepared a special tribute including a puppet exhibition, performances by the team, workshops and presentation of four of its producers.

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