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Professor Diether Roderich Reinsch
The Power of Speech in the Chronography of Michail Psellos

On 4 May 2006, the Public Benefit Foundation Alexander S. Onassis and the Onassis Foundation Scholars’ Association, in cooperation with the Institute of Byzantine Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation, organised a lecture by Professor Diether Roderich Reinsch related to "The Power of Speech in the Chronography of Michail Psellos".

Professor Diether Roderich Reinsch

One of the leading Byzantinologists in Europe, Diether Roderich Reinsch was born in 1940 in Breslau, Germany and studied Classical and German Literature at the universities of Cologne, Tübingen and Berlin. He then went on to study Byzantinology at the Free University of Berlin where he obtained the title "Doctor of Byzantinology" in 1974.

He taught at the University of Bochum as a professor of Modern Greek and Byzantine Literature from 1986 to 1993 and has been a professor of Byzantinology at the Free University of Berlin since then. He served as President of the Society of German Byzantinologists, of which he has been Vice-President since 2001. His scientific work is extremely abundant.

He has edited Kritovoulos and, in collaboration with prominent scientists, Aristotle’s codes, Anna Komnini’s “Alexiada”, and others. He has also published numerous studies and book reviews in scientific journals related to Byzantine and early Modern Greek literature.