Scholars' Association News
Issue 44
November 2017


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The Onassis Foundation welcomes its new scholars

A moving event was held at the Cultural Center of the Onassis Foundation on September 27th to welcome the new students who excelled and won one of the 206 scholarships awarded by the Onassis Foundation for the 2017/2018 academic year. New dreams, new goals, new challenges and pursuits, a new beginning for them to reach even higher.

Every year, the scholarships are awarded to both Greek and foreign students and scientists, for studies and research in Greece and abroad, in a wide range of scientific and artistic disciplines.

The new scholars were welcomed on the Upper Stage of the OCC by Efi Tsiotsiou, the Onassis Foundation’s Director, who talked about the acclaimed scholarship institution of the Onassis Foundation scholarships. More than 7,000 scholarships, including this year’s, have offered the opportunity to thousands of students, scientists and artists to contribute to their science, to create their art, to give back to society and to embark on an illustrious career.

The president of the Onassis Foundation, Anthony Papadimitriou, welcomed the new scholars warmly: “All of us in the Onassis Foundation Family, which is now your family too, feel great pride in welcoming you at a time when you are ready to take the next step in your dreams, standing on a solid foundation of science and culture. The scholarship you just won as the newest generation of the Foundation's scholars gives you an unobstructed view to the future”. Anthony Papadimitriou went on to underline: “Education, from our perspective, is not a stock of knowledge that will come in useful sometime in the future or prove profitable when building a career. On the contrary, it is an investment where specialised knowledge coexists with a humanistic world-view as such is shaped through Classical Studies. This is why the scholarships you won through your hard work are such a valuable part of the Onassis Foundation's actions for education”.

Two former presidents of the Scholars’ Association of the Onassis Foundation also took the floor during the event: Thodoris Anagnostopoulos, a biologist, active in the sector of social entrepreneurship, and award-winning director Tassos Boulmetis. In addressing the young scholars, Thodoris Anagnostopoulos and Tassos Boulmetis explained how important a role the scholarships they won played in their studies and their future career, and also highlighed the wide range of activities of the Association, which new scholars can join once they complete their studies.

Scholarship Programme of the Onassis Foundation for the academic year 2017/2018

Through the fair and meritocratic procedure followed for the past four decades, the Board of the Onassis Foundation approved 206 scholarships this year. Specifically:

A. 96 scholarships were approved for Greeks to study abroad:

- 41 scholarships for PhD studies

- 55 scholarships for postgraduate studies

B. 80 scholarships were approved for Greeks to study in Greece

- 38 scholarships for PhD studies

- 42 scholarships for postgraduate studies

C. 30 scholarships were approved for foreigners to study and conduct research exclusively in Greece, in disciplines related to Greek culture - from prehistory/antiquity to modern Greece:

- 10 scholarships for teachers at any level

- 10 scholarships for post-PhD researchers

- 10 scholarships for PhD candidates

Finally, foreign scholars come from Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

(Photographs: all4mat and Cynthia Kindeli)

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