Scholars' Association News
Issue 40
November 2016

The Onassis Cultural Centre’s programme for the 2016-2017 artistic period
The Onassis Cultural Centre is launching the new artistic period inspired by its role as a venue where daring ideas, arts and individuals can come together. Keywords in this year’s programme are: City, Women, Middle East, United States of America. Read More
Award for the Adhocracy exhibition
The Adhocracy exhibition hosted at the Onassis Cultural Centre last year from 29 April to 4 July 2015 recently received an ADI Culture Award 2016 in Spain. This brand new award is recognition of not just the exhibition itself but also the open process via which the exhibition was conceived and organised. Read More
‘Antigone Now’ in New York
Antigone, “the tragedy with the greatest political depth to it” (to quote Kornelios Kastoriadis) was the central issue at the 4-day festival held at the Onassis Cultural Centre in New York from 13 to 16 October 2016. ‘Antigone Now’ is the second annual Festival of Arts and Ideas hosted by the Onassis Foundation’s sister organisation in New York. The aim was ... Read More
Athens Social Atlas
The Athens Social Atlas is a website featuring text and audio-visual materials about the social structures and processes that constitute the Greek capital. It’s also an ever-evolving programme because the producer’s intention is for the Atlas to evolve and be systematically updated over the years to come. It has already garnered considerable interest with ... Read More
The Underground Economy
There are two worlds, one on the surface and another in the shadows, on the margins of our society. This is the underworld economy. But how does the underworld function? What is the role of opportunity and disadvantage and how do they influence crime? I will try to shed some light on these obscure aspects of our society that still remain ... Read More

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