Scholars' Association News
Issue 39
July 2016

Parallel events at the major 'Ancient Dion' exhibition in New York
The ‘Gods and Mortals at Olympus: Ancient Dion, City of Zeus’ exhibition, the first to be held at the recently renovated Onassis Cultural Centre premises in New York, ended on 18 June 2016 having garnered enthusiastic reviews in the American Press. This unique exhibition ... Read More
Wake up! Time for the Hypnos Project!
The Hypnos Project, a wide-ranging series of events at the Onassis Cultural Centre occupied the Onassis Cultural Centre building, the Onassis Library on Amalias Ave. and other well- and lesser known venues in Athens for 2 whole months from 18 April to 19 June 2016. The programme looked at the ... Read More
Dany Nobus - On dreams and dreaming
What is the meaning of dreams? The “royal road to the unconscious”, random firings of neurons during the EM-phase or the reason we go to sleep? Such questions, along with a comprehensive chronicle of sleep-therapy in the course of history, were discussed by Dany Nobus during his lecture at the Onassis ... Read More
Dreams of the Greeks
The ancient Greeks set great store by their dreams. From the Archaic period to late antiquity, they regularly narrated them, evaluated them, attempted to interpret them and, if possible, depicted them on ceramic pots and in paintings. The content of dreams was frequently recorded in historical works, philosophical treatises and even in inscriptions. Of ... Read More
The bedroom as the material backdrop to our identity
The way in which material culture around us forms, the objects we use, the furniture we place things on, sit or lie down on, the way in which we structure the rooms in our home affect our body, mind and psyche more intensely and more deeply than we often believe. The bedroom is just another product of ... Read More
Burnout syndrome: The organisational and business cost of burnout syndrome
The workplace and the conditions there, extra professional and family duties and obligations for employees, exhausting schedules and competition with colleagues in businesses play a vital role in the life of most employees, and in effect create a working environment ... Read More
Morpheus’ light
At an event on therapeutic architecture that I jointly organised a few years ago as part of the Art4More Festival, I had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Cornel Lustig, holder of the world patent for sleep medicine. In his talk Dr. Lustig called into doubt the treatment of light as a good which is related simply to functional needs, and on the contrary pointed ... Read More

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