Scholars' Association News
Issue 38
May 2016

The Onassis Foundation: strategic partner in the act4Greece programme
The Onassis Foundation is strategic partner in the crowdfunding programme act4Greece, an initiative taken by the National Bank of Greece, that is the first major public benefit crowdfunding platform in Greece. The programme was officially unveiled on Monday, 1 ... Read More
Gods and Mortals at Olympus: Ancient Dion, City of Zeus
The exhibition Gods and Mortals at Olympus: Ancient Dion, City of Zeus, was inaugurated March 24 at the Onassis Cultural Center NY. This unique exhibition that will run through June 18, 2016 explores the relationship between daily life in a city built on the slopes of Mount Olympus and the mythological abode ... Read More
Boundaries and borders at the core of the third Fast Forward Festival
The third Fast Forward Festival (FFF3) which will be held in May at the Onassis Cultural Centre and other venues focuses on the issue of boundaries and borders, be they geographical, cultural, social or sensory, looking at new technologies, unconventional theatrical works and ... Read More
Glossopolis-A City of Language
"Glossopolis-A City of Language: Tours in the Modern Greek" is a multimedia exhibition co-organized by the Benaki Library of the Hellenic Parliament and the Onassis Foundation Scholars’ Association. The exhibition was inaugurated in February in the Parliamentary Library building (a former tobacco factory) ... Read More
Greek dialects, ancient and modern: A group of timeless heteronyms
Historically speaking, the concept of ancient Greek dialects covers a long historical period starting from the emergence of Greeks in the present-day Helladic area, up to the 6th century AD. The development phases the Greek language went through, from ... Read More
Language technology: Language meets modern tech
The massive advances in modern technology over recent years have influenced how people communicate, making communication multimodal, with an increasing presence for visual and audio elements thanks to the use of multimedia. However, the IT revolution has not meant that the linguistic ... Read More
The 'language' of emotions
The difficulty in defining emotion lies in the complexity of its very nature. An emotion is primarily defined based on the subjective experience of the person who feels it, coupled with specific thoughts which preceded it or arose from it, biopsychometric parameters characterising it, and a set of exhortations to act which are directed ... Read More
H@ckTheBook – Create the book of the future today
H@ckTheBook, a 3-day festival packed with talks, ideas and partnerships focused on design and the reading experience held at the Onassis Cultural Centre on 22, 23 and 24 January 2016 was a great success. Kicking the festival off was the educational workshop "E-Space Workshop: Best Practices in Education" ... Read More

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