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Issue 38
May 2016


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Glossopolis-A City of Language

"Glossopolis-A City of Language: Tours in the Modern Greek" is a multimedia exhibition co-organized by the Benaki Library of the Hellenic Parliament and the Onassis Foundation Scholars’ Association. The exhibition was inaugurated in February in the Parliamentary Library building (a former tobacco factory) and will last two years at least. It was based on a concept by fellow scholar Maria Kamilaki, Linguistics PhD and Benaki Library staff, who also had the scientific curation.

The interconnection of humanities with new technologies is a most appropriate method for the diffusion of linguistic knowledge to the general public, so the exhibition attempts to highlight, through multimodal educational tools and interactive museological activities, the different aspects of language. Through tactile exhibits, digital language activities, videos, recorded documents and normal texts, the visitor is informed about various issues concerning the Modern Greek (regional varieties, young people language, Greeklish etc.), can experiment with language use, with fun activities such as crosswords, matching exercises, etc.

The exhibition is accompanied by educational programs, parallel artistic, audiovisual and academic activities. This important initiative inspired ΑΩ magazine to put together the following tribute to the language. A series of articles written by fellow scholars cover different aspects of the issue: the evolution of Greek, language and technology, the “language” of emotions, but also an alternative experience of reading.

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