Scholars' Association News
Issue 37
February 2016

Onassis Prizes for Shipping, Trade and Finance awarded
The international Onassis Prizes, one of the top international distinctions in the fields of Shipping, Trade and Finance, were awarded to this year’s winners at the Guildhall in the City of London on 14 September 2015. More than 500 representatives of academia and the business world attended the ... Read More
The Onassis Foundation continues to sponsor pupil participation in the 2016 Science Olympiads
In 2016, as in previous years, the Onassis Foundation has undertaken to sponsor the participation of teams of Greek school pupils in the International and Balkan Science Olympiads. The president of the Onassis Foundation, ... Read More
In front of the mirror: Special issue on the myth of Narcissus and its contemporary implications
The ancient Greek myth of Narcissus exerts an inexhaustible appeal. It has always been a source of inspiration for artists and intellectuals, offering many layers of analysis and potentials for application. Especially in modern ... Read More
"Donacon" - Are the waters of Narcissus still flowing?
Few mythical images have grabbed the West’s imagination as much as the image of the handsome Greek youth who died enraptured by the sight of his own reflection. Deriving possibly from some long, forgotten worship of a deity or hero associated with death and vegetation, the story of Narcissus has come down ... Read More
Selfies or, in other words the self-obsessed
In her speech at the opening symposium of the newly-established section of Media Psychology organised by the Hellenic Psychological Society in May 2015, the coordinator of the respective section at the American Psychological Association was eagerly trying to “de-demonise” selfies arguing that they are a form ... Read More
Narcissism in Music: from the virtuosos of the past to the contemporary music industry
In a 2011 article which appeared on PsyNET (American Psychological Association) DeWall, Pond, Campbell & Twengei, found a statistically significant rise in narcissistic tendencies in music by analysing lyrics of popular songs from the 1980-2007 era. More specifically, ... Read More
Share me, like me, tweet me, be me
Like in Byzantium there will always be iconoclasts; the breakers, haters and enemies of images. As then, so it is now and will remain forevermore: for the iconoclast of every age there is something deeply disturbing in the worship of the human image; he feels that humans ought to be humble, ... Read More

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