Scholars' Association News
Issue 36
November 2015

The Onassis Cultural Center NY inaugurates its new season
The Onassis Cultural Center NY celebrates 15 years of life in New York City. During its first years, the OCC focused on promoting the Greek cultural tradition. Today it opens its wings to embrace the present and the even more dynamic future of hellenic creativity. Read More
The Onassis Cultural Centre’s programme for the upcoming artistic season
Wooden crates marked ‘Fragile’ ‘Onassis Cultural Centre’, ‘premium goods’ and ‘Stegi’, shop window mannequins, packing straw and vintage furniture paint the picture of a customs warehouse, which was the set where the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens presented ... Read More
Onassis Lecture Series at FORTH: Stem cells and their modern applications in treating serious illnesses
The Onassis Lecture Series 2015 hosted in Heraklion Crete from 6 to 10 July 2015 in partnership between the Onassis Foundation and the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) focused on the highly promising ... Read More
Distinctions for Greek school teams at the International and Balkan Scientific Olympiads
Greece’s student teams achieved important distinctions at the International and Balkan Scientific Olympiads, which received support this year from the Onassis Foundation. Greece won one silver and two bronze medals and ... Read More
Werner Herzog: Ancient Greek texts guide our civilization until today
Werner Herzog grew up in a remote Bavarian village. During his childhood he never watched a movie and had no access to cinema or telephone. Today he is regarded as one of the leading figures in German cinema. He directs, writes scripts and has produced more that ... Read More

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