Scholars' Association News
Issue 34
May 2015

Scale Up: The next step for a startup
26 distinguished speakers, more than 650 visitors, 11 entrepreneurial workshop instructors, 15 workshops attended by more than 450 people, 15 volunteers and more than 6,000 hits on the official website ( within 2 weeks from going live is an impressive record for the first ‘Alexander Onassis... Read More
Athens Science Festival 2015
For the second consecutive year the Athens Science Festival was hosted at the Municipality of Athens’ Technopolis cultural centre from 17 to 22 March 2015, attracting young and old alike to explore, learn or recall the sciences and their applications which are everywhere to be seen in our day-to-day lives. Read More
Beauty: The fortunes of an ancient Greek idea
The nature of beauty is attached to a dilemma. On the one hand, we naturally associate beauty with erotic attraction; on the other hand, as a category in aesthetics, beauty is taken to be a feature in artworks and also of natural phenomena and it’s not necessarily understood as exciting desire in the... Read More
Deduction and Imagination in Aristotle and Ernan McMullin
Christos Pechlivanidis’ book offers an interesting perspective on and insight into the world of Modern Greek epistemology since the intention is to set out and critically assess the epistemology of Ernan McMullin. The author’s goal is not so much to re-construct a realistic epistemological theory with a ... Read More
Professor Anastasios-Ioannis Metaxas
Anastasios-Ioannis Metaxas, Prof. Emeritus of Political Science and founder of the University of Athens’ Political Communication Laboratory, was elected last December as an ordinary member of the Académie Européenne Interdisciplinaire des Sciences. The welcoming ceremony was conducted ... Read More

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