Scholars' Association News
Issue 30
May 2014

Rethink Athens at Stoa Arsakeiou
The final studies in the Rethink Athens project, that seeks to transform Athens’ city centre along the axis of Panepistimiou Street ... Read More
Eyes, a Christian Boltanski exhibition
Last year the Onassis Cultural Centre hosted the “Eyes” exhibition by Christian Boltanski, one of the most influential modern European artists ... Read More
Sound Archaeology: An occasion for an interdisciplinary partnership
Although this text refers to the first International Multidisciplinary Conference on Archaeoacoustics which took place at the Castle of the Knights, Malta, on 19-22 February 2014 ... Read More
Music transcription
Automatic music transcription is the process of converting a music recording into some form of musical notation, such as a music score or a machine-readable symbolic file ... Read More

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