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Issue 22
May 2012



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Dear Association Members,

With ambivalent feelings, I welcome you to ΑΩ’s tribute to cinema. The losses our film community suffered over the past year would not permit us to enjoy the international successes of the Greek cinema, which were this year too significant.

Thanassis Veggos, Michael Cacoyannis, Dinos Katsouridis, Pavlos Tassios, Lucia Rikaki and, recently, Theo Angelopoulos, all left us to take the grand journey. The passing of each one left a large void both on the screen and in our hearts.

Over the past few decades, Angelopoulos took the Greek cinema on an international journey with his films. Going with them was post-regime change Greece. A permanent thematic pattern in his films is his inability to manage his grief over the loss of a world that had hope and vision.

Angelopoulos took part in the establishment of the Left’s “new” narrative by charging emotionally its political speech with his images.

Recently, the Greek cinema is once again on the road.

Only this time, it is taking images recounting the recession. Greece is again in the foreground but not through Angelopoulos’ melancholy but through rage and anger, through the out-of-the-ordinary and, at times, seditious narration of new Greek film-directors.

In this edition of ΑΩ we present two articles dedicated to the great Greek director. One is an unpublished interview he gave to Christos Godas and the other is an article by Constantinos Michos in which he presents Angelopoulos as a choreographer.

Also, Rea Wallden wrote an interesting introduction to the history of the avant-garde cinema in Greece and Yola Christoula presents a very interesting book titled Post-Classical Cinema by Eleftheria Thanouli, a scholar and film professor at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki.
This book gives an historic account of the evolution of the “language” and “grammar” of narrative cinema, especially after 1970.

Enjoy your reading!

PS. We would like to warmly express our gratitude to the family of Theo Angelopoulos for generously granting us the rights to use photographs from his films in the following pages.

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