Scholars' Association News
Issue 21
January 2012

Transition to Christianity: Art of late Antiquity, 3rd – 7th century A.D.
The vibrant and complex life of the Eastern Mediterranean during a time of reinvention and renewal is the subject of the major exhibition at the Onassis Cultural Center in Manhattan entitled... Read More
The presentation of the Greek Library catalogue
The Greek Library: the Konstantinos Sp. Staikos Book Collection henceforth the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation Library was presented at a special event that took place at the Christina Onassis Hall of the Onassis Cultural Centre on November 15, 2011... Read More
Who is really Robert Mapplethorpe? In light of its exhibition at the Onassis Cultural Centre
Just when you think you know and have gathered all the necessary information on the artist, the person, and the road he has taken, along comes an exhibition that makes you reassess... Read More
Law and Society:Which is to be master?
The Onassis Foundation sponsored the Temple Festival in 2008 which was organised to celebrate the 400-year anniversary of the granting of full sovereignty to London Temple Church and the regional lands that surrounded... Read More

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