Alumni Association News Issue 03, October 2006
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Professor Diether Roderich Reinsch
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Bonds of Music
The annual concert organised by the Scholar's Association at the end of June was held in memory of the honourable Foundation President, Stelios Papadimitriou, further to a wish expressed by a number of artist-scholars...
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The Opening of the Evangelismos
Visiting Professors Programme
The Alexander S. Onassis Affiliated Public Benefit Foundation in New York has been implementing the Visiting Professors Programme since the fall of 2000 with a view to promoting interest in and awareness of the importance of Greek culture as the basis for humanistic spirit. ...
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The Promotion of Greek Studies in Five Continents
Interview Bruce Russett
Are democratic states peaceful? Or are they peaceful only towards each other? What relevant information do we collect from examples of modern states and of city-states at Thucydides time? Does Democracy determine decisions about war or peace? ...
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Interview George Zambelas
Et in Arcadia Ego
The geographical region of Arcadia which, by the way, did not have access to the sea in ancient times, gave birth to one of the most enduring and fertile myths in the history of the West: the myth of a georgic and pastoral paradise where, among others, social harmony, congenial nudity, reciprocal love, piety and usually automatic fruition prevailed. What a blissful life! Blissful Arcadia!...
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Aristophane, les hommes, les mythes et les dieux
Updated: November 2006
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