Members Registration

All Onassis Scholars can be members of the Scholars' Association by filling the registration request form, provided that they have completed successfully their studies for which they were granted the scholarship and they have fulfilled their obligations to the Foundation.
The registration request form is approved by the Scholars' Association Board of Directors.

All applicants deposit the amount of  € 3 euros as a registration fee and the amount of  €3 euros as an annual subscription. The payment can be done with the following ways:

  1. By visiting the Foundation offices, filling in the subscription form and making a cash payment.
  2. By postal check to the Onassis Foundation Scholars' Association, Address: 7 Aeschinou Street, GR-105 58 Athens

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All interested scholars could fill in the following registration request form and send it by e-mail to scholars.association@onassis.gr.

Also, they could print the form and send it by post provided that they will pay the amount of  € 6 euros via one of the ways above.
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