Other Initiatives

The Onassis Foundation, in an effort to meet the needs of the present and take on the challenges of the future, has developed a series of social, educational, cultural and developmental initiatives, making a bold statement when it comes to important events and serious issues of our times. Among them:

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The Onassis Foundation and 7 of the most important Greek Public Benefit Foundations (the Lambrakis Foundation-the initiator of the partnership, the Evgenides Foundation, the A. G. Leventis Foundation, the I. F. Kostopoulos Foundation, the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation, the Bodossakis Foundation and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation) joined forces in 2006 to undertake the Education Initiative, in order to fund and operate a programme of Actions, designed to introduce and sustain a set of innovation-driven improvements to the Greek Educational system.

Through this ethos of equal cooperation and within the framework of their broader social mission, the Foundations are committed to implement a series of effective proposals with explicit goals in mind: to improve the quality of school education in Greece; to enrich students’ knowledge and cultivate their competences and abilities at large; to better inform upper secondary level students and their families concerning their options for tertiary level education, both through providing information on tertiary education courses and degrees, and through offering occupational profiles and information regarding the requisite knowledge and competences for various career paths; and finally to actively involve both educators and students in this process.

The Initiative has a clear Educational purpose, is totally aligned with the EU Objectives for Europe in the 21st Century and its defining characteristic is the holistic approach towards Education, Career, Culture and Social Development. For the past five years the Initiative has set a series of additional goals, in order to develop and use modern educational material, to support teachers and students and to provide up-to-date information for educational and career prospects after high school.

Specifically, from 2006-2011, The Education Initiative has developed the following projects:

§ the online Educational Content programme, available through the portal, which is specifically designed to provide free access to information and the opportunity for users to create and publish their material for educational purposes. The visitors have access to groundbreaking and user friendly presentations of various scientific topics and to an online Library, where they can search and find educational material provided by prestigious scientific and cultural institutions around the world. They can also create links to their own material. For additional information please visit http://www.protovoulia.org/morfotiko-periexomeno/arxiki.

§ the formation of the School Novelty Network which is addressed to all teachers and schools. 215 schools and 680 teachers have already joined the Network, whose aim is to promote new initiative on behalf of the teachers and to ensure the active collaboration between teachers and students in order to bring about important changes to the educational process and effectively foster students’ knowledge and competences. For more information please visit http://www.protovoulia.org/diktyo/diktyo-sxolikis-kainotomias

 § the development of an online Educational and Professional Guide in order to ensure that high school graduates and other adolescents can be informed about their educational prospects offered by Greek Universities and the relevant career paths. The Guide also includes the outcomes of a scientific study about the Education and the Corresponding Career Paths, useful findings that can prove extremely helpful to better prepare the Institutions and Foundations to take initiative and develop new projects regarding school education and the future career opportunities. For more information please visit http://www.protovoulia.org/odigos-spoydon/arxiki-selida

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