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Saturdays 14/4, 21/4, 5/5, 12/5 19/5
Agia Skepi Playground, Palaio Faliro (Leoforos Poseidonos 860)

Children with normal development and children with pervasive developmental disorders join forces to transform recyclable material into puppet theatre figures!

Can recycling lead to the creation of mini art-works? The answer is Of course they can—given organization, method and tonnes of imagination! The art of recycling, an education programme staged by the Onassis Foundation, invites children and teenagers with normal development to join forces with children and teenagers with pervasive developmental disorders and/or mental retardation and create puppet theatre figures out of recyclable materials in groups. In the process, the youngsters will learn about the benefits of protecting our environment.

The Onassis Foundation has now been involved in providing educational activities in the sphere of Special Education for five years; five years of trust placed in us by the parents of children who have participated in our workshops and who continue to support us with their presence. However, starting this year, our educational programmes are aimed at wider audiences. And while the means may change, the goal remains the same: seeing the right to 'escape' extended to as many children as possible. Within this framework, we develop meaningful activities which can play a supportive role in nurturing and developing children's social skills. The art of recycling programme uses recycling and protecting the environment in which we live as a vehicle for helping children learn how to cooperate without discrimination, to activate their imagination and to develop their communication skills.

The educational programme will be held on five separate Saturdays (14/4, 21/4, 5/5, 12/5 & 19/5) in the Agia Skepi playground in Palaio Faliro, and is aimed at children and teenagers aged 5–15. So come along and we'll make puppet theatre figures together. But don't forget to bring some suitable materials with you—clothes, fabrics, thread, ribbons, buttons are good—and, needless to say, your creativity!

Because the number of participants is limited, please book your place in advance by filling in this online form. Participation is free.

The programme is completed in one two-hour session, with 20–25 children participating each time.

Agia Skepi Playground, Palaio Faliro (Leoforos Poseidonos 860)

Saturdays 14 & 21/4, 5, 12 & 19/5/2018


Conditions of Participation:
1. The activity is aimed at children aged 5–15 both with normal development and with mental retardation and pervasive developmental disorders.
2. All participating children have to be accompanied by a legal guardian.
3. Places must be pre-booked by completing the relevant form, which can be found online at
4. The workshop is completed in one two-hour session.

For more information :
210 3713000 (Monday to Friday, 09:00–17:00) |

Head of Educational Programmes, Onassis Foundation:
Christina Panagiotakou

Organized in association with:

ALMA—Panhellenic Association of Adapted Activities


Katerina Giannakopoulou, Special Education Teacher

Kleoni Manousaki, Visual Artist

Aliki Panagiotakou, Speech Therapist

And a team of specialized educators

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