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14.12.2017 / Announcements


The Onassis Foundation announces its new scholarship programs for the 2018–19 academic year.

As a key driving force of both social and personal development, Education is one of the main pillars of the Onassis Foundation's public-benefit activities. The Foundation has been supporting the right to equal access to Education, Health and Culture for decades now, its ultimate goal being to help release the potential of those who want to get ahead in their careers, to distinguish themselves in their chosen field, to pursue their dream. And it continues to do so by rewarding excellence.

Within this framework, the Onassis Foundation has been providing support to young scientists, researchers and artists for forty years, placing Education at the very centre of its activities with a view to benefiting society as a whole. True to the leading role it has played in the field of academic scholarships since 1978, the Onassis Foundation is announcing its new scholarship programs for Hellenes and Foreigners for the 2018–19 academic year.
The Programs include scholarships for Hellenes to study full-time abroad on post-graduate and doctoral programs in a wide range of academic and artistic fields, as well as doctoral programs in selected fields in Greece.

The Scholarship Program for Foreigners is aimed at academics of all ranks, post-doctoral researchers and Ph.D. candidates and covers subjects relating to Greek culture, society and the Greek economy to be researched in Greece.

In search of new routes which promote innovation, support research and lay the base for a more optimistic future, the Onassis Foundation continues to expand its engagement with Education through its public-benefit work, which encompasses inter alia educational programs around Greece, the provision of equipment to state schools and universities, Special Education programs, experiential workshops and awareness-raising campaigns. The Onassis Foundation reassesses its educational planning on an annual basis in order to stay in touch with society's needs. It also continues to enhance the content of its provisions in the educational sector to ensure access to that most important of public goods, Education, for the largest possible number of our fellow human beings.
For more information on our Scholarship Program for Hellenes, click here
For more information on our Scholarship Program for Foreigners, click here

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