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12.10.2017 / Announcements


An educational programme of the Onassis Foundation for students of the Gymnasium and the Lyceum. Reservations for schools are now open!

When Cavafy’s poetry is ‘placed’ on the students’ desks, their creativity skyrockets. For yet another year, the Cavafy Archive and Onassis Foundation enter the classroom to excite, inspire, and take the students on a journey with Cavafy’s poetry as their compass. Cavafy’s verses turn into enchanting pictures that hang on walls, installations that resemble boats heading for Ithaca, comics with poets as superheroes. The aim of the Foundation’s educational programme is to familiarize students with the poetry of C. P. Cavafy. It takes place for the fifth consecutive year in Athens at schools wishing to participate in the programme (for details regarding the participation procedure, please see below).

From November 2017 to May 2018, five original workshops will take place at Gymnasiums and Lyceums throughout Attica. The workshops’ team will help students approach the texts of C. P. Cavafy through the most ‘unexpected’ arts, such as graffiti, performance, electronic music, and hand-printed publications. Such creative and special readings help students understand and interpret the works of the Alexandrian poet. The material produced in the context of these workshops underlines the contemporary character of Cavafy’s poetry.

At the same time, the programme ‘Cavafy Goes to School’ travels to other regions of Greece for a fourth consecutive year. It will take place in five schools of a city that will be selected. Dates are set in collaboration with participant schools (for participation details, please see below).


Five Creative Workshops – Five Different Perspectives

1. A School Full of Cavafy
Using techniques from sculpture and the visual arts, students transform the school into a truly Cavafian environment. The school becomes a set in which the universe of Cavafy’s poetry comes to life through small- and large-scale visual-art works.
Team: Maria Topali (poet), Paky Vlassopoulou (visual artist)

2. Making our Own Cavafian Publication
Cavafy printed his poetry in pamphlets, which he distributed himself. Students too will make their own publications and illustrate their own pamphlets, guided by a poet and an illustrator, and inspired by Cavafy’s poetry, which they will read.
Teams: Panayotis Ioannidis (poet), Panayotis Pantazis (illustrator / hand-printed book maker)

3. A Poem Turns into Graffiti

Students initially read Cavafy’s poems together with the team. They then write verses inspired by his poetry and make visual-art interventions on specified areas of their school, transforming its building into a ‘canvas’ full of images, emotions, and poetry.
Team: Thomas Tsalapatis (poet), Cacao Rocks (visual artist)

4. Cavafy’s Verses Translated Into Electronic Sound
How can one translate a poem like ‘The God Abandons Anthony’ into music? Students read, draw inspiration, record and create their own sound, turning Cavafy’s work into electronic music.  
Team: Christos Chrysopoulos (writer), Dimitris Patsaros (music producer)

5. Cavafy as Performance
In this workshop, students approach the work of C. P. Cavafy through performance art. A series of exercises promoting self-expression and team building allow students to explore Cavafy’s poetic universe.
Teams: Katerina Eliopoulou (poet), Giota Argyropoulou (actress)

•    The programme for schools in Attica will take place from November 2017 to May 2018.

•    The programme consists of eight meetings – three hours each – that will take place after the end of school classes.

•    Workshops are intended for students of the Gymnasium and the Lyceum.

•    Participation is free.


The educational programme ‘Cavafy Goes to School’ is solely intended for state schools of secondary education. Our aim is to take the programme to as many areas of Attica and Greece as possible. Priority will be given to schools of under-privileged areas. For this year, we intend to visit five schools in Attica and five in other regions of Greece.

Applications for participation of schools in Attica must be submitted to until 19 October 2017, with the subject line ‘Cavafy Goes to School (Athens)’. Applications are made by the school administration in collaboration with a teacher in charge. Please include the title of the workshop you wish to host, the number of students-participants, as well as the school’s website. We will notify you of our selection by 2 November 2017. The selection procedure includes meeting those in charge of the programme. Chosen schools can only host a workshop each. Selection will be made on a first come first served basis.

Other Regions
Applications for participation of schools in other regions of Greece must be submitted to until 31 October 2017 with the subject line ‘Cavafy Goes to School (Other Regions)’. Applications are made by the regional administration of secondary education. They must include the number of schools belonging to the region, the number of students, and the website for each school. We will notify you of our selection by 20 November 2017. Each year a region is selected for hosting the programme. Selection of schools is made in collaboration with the regional administration for secondary education of the chosen area and the team in charge of the programme ‘Cavafy Goes to School’. Selection will be made on a first come first served basis.

For more information about the programme, please contact Marianna Christofi at 213 017 8058.
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