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The Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas, and the Onassis Foundation continue to offer the opportunity to higher-education students and researchers to get to know and discuss with leading scientists from across the globe. Reservations are still open!

Thursday, 18 May 2017. Two highly esteemed scientists will be the main speakers of this year’s ‘Onassis Lectures’, which will take place in July at the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) at Heraklion, Crete. Specifically, the keynote speakers are Michael Stonebraker, professor of computer science at MIT and recipient of the Turing Award, and the physicist Serge Haroche, who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics (2012). Apart from these two prominent scientists, there will also be twelve speakers, leading figures in the fields of computer science and physics, the two areas of focus for this year’s Onassis Lectures.

The Onassis Foundation will financially support up to 35 Greek and 15 foreign higher-education students, who wish to participate at the Onassis Lectures. Overall, there will be 50 university students in each lecture series; selection will be based on the students’ high academic achievement. The lectures can also be attended by students based in institutes in Crete, as well as Greek and foreign researchers. Again selection will be based on the above-mentioned criteria; however, these participants will not receive any financial support.

The Onassis Seminar Lectures are organized by FORTH with the financial support of the Onassis Foundation. Since their inauguration in 2001, they have focused on cutting-edge research topics. Previous speakers included seventeen Nobel Prize winners, four recipients of the Turing Award, and professor Edward Witten who has received the Fields Medal. In this sense, the Onassis Lectures have become a highly esteemed institution internationally in the field of science.

Since 2001, there have been 22 series of Onassis Lectures on physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science, attended by 1500 higher-education students (1200 Greek και 300 foreign students). The Lectures aim to give the opportunity to talented young scientists, graduate students, and undergraduate students on their final year, from Greece and abroad, to learn about important research issues of their field from leading international scientists. The programme’s long-term aim is to help students and young scientists release their creative potential, and continue their careers in science with the best possible prospects.

Programme of 2017 Onassis Lectures
The first series of 2017 Onassis Lectures will be on computer science, and will take place from 10 to 14 July 2017; the deadline for the submission of applications is 31 May 2017.

The second lecture series will be on physics. They will take place from 24 to 28 July 2017; the deadline for the submission of applications is 5 June 2017. Below you can find more details on the programme.
2017 Onassis Lectures – Computer Science

‘BIG DATA and Applications’
10–14 July
Keynote Speaker: Michael Stonebraker

The 2017 Onassis Lectures on computer science will bring together scientists and experts from all over the world. Their aim is to outline the latest developments in big data technologies and the great changes that they have brought forth, which inevitably affecting our lives.

Michael Stonebraker, Professor of Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with six pioneering experts examine big data technologies, shedding light on the great changes that they will bring to the future: from cloud to Analytics, and from data mining technology to the ensuing changes on every aspect of our everyday lives.

For more information on the Onassis Lectures on Computer Science, please see the link below:

2017 Onassis Lectures – Physics
‘Quantum Physics Frontiers Explored with Cold Atoms, Molecules, and Photons’
24–28 July
Keynote Speaker: Serge Haroche

The 2017 Onassis Lectures on physics explore quantum information science, showing how its applications have brought forth a revolution. Nobel Prize Winner Serge Haroche will be the keynote speaker, a pioneer in the cutting-edge study of quantum phenomena. The Onassis Lectures explore the new frontiers of quantum physics, examining one of the most important fields of science.

Where can progress in applications of quantum theory lead? From the new atomic clocks and magnetometers to quantum simulators, these new developments are important, anticipating an incredible future for quantum physics, a future that the Onassis Lectures allows us to glimpse in the present.

For more information on the Onassis Lectures on physics, please see the link below:

President of the Organizing Committee
Professor Emeritus Ioannis Papamastorakis
Tel: 2810 394269

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