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27.04.2017 / Announcements


The Cavafy Archive was acquired by the Onassis Foundation at the end of 2012, and became part of the Onassis Library. In this way, we ensured that the Archive remained intact in Greece. Our mission is to safeguard and conserve the Archive’s collection, and to create the necessary conditions so that the Archive is open and accessible to all. At the same time, we aim at promoting Cavafy’s work to the wider public. The Onassis Foundation takes full responsibility for the conservation of the Archive and for any legal action that aims at its safeguard. The role of the academic advisors is to support the Archive’s academic and outreach programmes.

Courtesy of Cavafy Archive/ Onassis Foundation Copyright 2016 CC-BY-SA v. 4.0
Since the Archive’s acquisition by the Onassis Foundation, no researcher has been excluded, nor has anyone had any privileged access. All researchers who use the Cavafy Archive as well as the Onassis Library are free to conduct their academic studies as they see fit, and are solely subjected to the research code of practice of the academic community. The Onassis Foundation does not assess the scientific or ideological aspects of any academic work. Indeed, this has been the overall philosophy and policy of the Onassis Foundation, which has supported, for the last 42 years, more than 7000 fellows throughout the world for their postgraduate and doctoral studies, as well as hundreds of scientific publications, and more than 400 universities internationally. What is requested by those who make relative publications is to reference the Archive where primary sources are held, so that all researchers can have access to the same sources, and that sources can be checked by researchers. It also ensures equal access to the Archive, and makes Cavafy research accessible to the largest possible part of the academic and education community internationally. In cases of publication of entire documents from the Archive, we consider a prior communication with the Cavafy Archive self-evident, in order to ensure open research practices. Therefore, these regulations have no intention of repressing or censoring research, but aim to safeguard open knowledge and the intellectual commons. The Onassis Foundation requests no fee; the use of the Archive is free. Even though the Archive legally belongs to the Onassis Foundation, it is part of our shared, world cultural heritage.
Open archive, for us, also presupposes that the Archive is made more visible to the wider public. For this reason, we have organized numerous educational programmes in schools throughout Greece, lectures and lessons attended by hundreds of teenagers and adults. We have also supported publications on and translations of Cavafy’s work.

However, open archive also means a plurality of research methodologies, many different approaches, and a productive and democratic dialogue, which adheres to the principles of the academic code of practice and is conducted with mutual respect.

Photo: Handwritten note in red ink by C.P. Cavafy, accompanying the manuscript of the poem ‘Growing in Spirit’.

This note, written either in Greek or English, accompanies several poems of C.P. Cavafy. It denotes that the poem is not intended for publication but should remain in his archive.

Courtesy of Cavafy Archive/ Onassis Foundation Copyright 2016 CC-BY-SA v. 4.0

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