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Issue 44
November 2017


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A night full of emotions

The Onassis Foundation and the Acropolis Museum were co-organisers of a night full of emotions, on the September 23rd, as part of the Art Night Athens action organized by the atenistas!. Inspiration for the event was the “εmotions” exhibition, on display (until November 19th) at the Acropolis Museum, an initiative of the Onassis Foundation.

The aim of this original event was to initiate a group of visitors to the emotions of the ancient world through a succession of two actions: an engaging tour of the exhibition by the Museum’s expert staff and a music recital at the Onassis Library, with a selection of compositions inspired by the “εmotions” exhibition. The programme was curated and performed by two musicians and former scholars, pianist and conductor, Zoe Zeniodi, and soprano, Myrsini Margariti, who invited the audience to a night of celebration of art and culture.

The event was introduced by the head of the Onassis Foundation's Library and Digital Programmes Officer, Vicky Gerontopoulou, who linked that evening’s programme with the content of the “εmotions” exhibition at the Acropolis Museum. She opened with a reminder that this exceptional display of archaeological artworks at the Onassis Cultural Center of New York, that moved and charmed public and critics alike on the other side of the Atlantic (from March 9th to June 24th 2017), came to Greece this summer on an initiative by the Onassis Foundation.

Love, eros, desire, hatred, sadness, rage: through exhibits from the world’s greatest museums, this exhibition seeks to explore the ideas and behaviours of the people of classical antiquity in terms of emotions, and the ways they conveyed them. Vicky Gerontopoulou then introduced the two musicians, who studied under a scholarship by the Onassis Foundation and have both launched impressive musical careers both in Greece and abroad.

Zoe Zeniodi continued to say that the selection of the pieces for that evening was based on the theme of the “εmotions” exhibition. The programme included ten different works, all inspired by antiquity: four German lieder, four arias by four female mythological figures (Eurydice, Medea, Ilia and Iphigenia), and two songs from Manos Hatzidakis’ Magnus Eroticus (“Kelomai se, Gongyla” by Sappho, and “Eros, You God of Love” from Euripides’ Medea). The evening was concluded with Phaedra for solo piano, by modern American composer Thomas Sleeper.

More information about the “εmotions” exhibition can be found at and

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