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Issue 32
November 2014


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GARDEN ABOVE: A suspended garden in the OCC’s foyer

English artist Rebecca Louise Law found fertile ground in which to grow as an artist in the foyer of the Onassis Cultural Centre with her installation ‘Look up, Garden’, a suspended garden, a cataract of flowers, which will remain in situ until 30 June 2015.

Rebecca Louise Law’s installation, which has transformed the building’s foyer, symbolises how sensitive the nature of all forms of art hosted at the OCC is. Drawing her inspiration from Greek flora, she has used 11,000 flowers and scented plants such as carnations, roses, lavender, basil, oregano, olive trees and sunflowers, to provoke us into raising our glance skyward.

Spectators come into direct contact with nature, and interact with it, because the artist has created a constantly changing and ephemeral work, meaning that each visit to the OCC will be different. Visitors will in fact have the chance to see the flowers ‘wilt gracefully’. A green flower-filled sky not intended to live forever, a constantly evolving work of art that greets and bid the gaze farewell in the OCC’s foyer, reflecting its very own evolving and diverse nature.

Rebecca Louise Law is a British artist who creates installations out of natural materials. She studied at the University of Newcastle Art School. Her work examines man’s relationship with nature. She is best known for her interactive, large-scale installations featuring flowers hanging in specific venues.

In addition to public places, museums and galleries, Rebecca Louise Law has created installations for major fashion houses such as Hermès, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jo Malone and Gucci. As part of various artistic projects implemented in cooperation with local communities, Law has also encouraged social change by promoting greater involvement with nature.

The installation has been curated by Double Decker, an international curation agency set up by Wilhelm Finger and Melita Skamnaki, which handles exhibitions, publications and public programmes in partnership with acclaimed museums worldwide. Previous Double Decker projects include the Christian Louboutin Walk into Illusion project at the London Design Museum, the Katalogue XXL exhibition at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum and the curated dinner entitled Brazil and Brain Break at the London Science Museum.

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