Scholarships for Hellenes

The Foundation has established the Program of Scholarships for Hellenes since 1978. At first the program awarded scholarships to Greek University graduates for postgraduate studies or doctoral studies abroad. In 1998 the program started awarding scholarships for doctoral studies in Greece and in 2001 for post-graduate studies in Greece. Over 130 Scholarships for Hellenes are awarded each year for both studies in Greece and abroad in all fields of study.

Furthermore, the Foundation awards grants to the children of its employees, past or present, in recognition of the services rendered.
The Scholars are selected by the Board of Directors of the Foundation taking into consideration the recommendations of committees of academic advisors. The Committees consist of University Professors, Academicians, specialised Scientists and renowned artists, whose participation and contribution are both honorary and voluntary. Former scholars of the Foundation, who currently hold academic positions, are also invited to participate in these committees.

More than a hundred scholars of the Onassis Foundation are currently teaching in Universities both in Greece and abroad, while others are distinguished in the public and private sector, as well as in the arts and sports.

In 1996 the Foundation, which continues supporting its scholars after the completion of their studies, published an album which included the curriculum vitae of approximately 1,000 scholars. A revised edition was issued in 2001.

From 1978 to 2016 a total of 5,908 scholarships have been granted to Greeks for studies in 37 different countries worldwide. The total expenditure amounts to almost 88.500.000 US dollars.

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The announcements of the Scholarship Programs for Hellenes for the academic year 2018/2019 will be announced in mid-December 2017.

Please note that the results are only available in Greek and can be accessed through the following link.

Should you have any further queries, please contact us via telephone (+30 210 37 13 051 – 057) or by e-mail (fph@onassis.org).

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