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27.07.2017 / Announcements


The Foundation has now awarded over 7000
scholarships since 1978.

Konstantinos Triantafyllou from Peristeri, Athena Markopoulou from Kalamata, and Konstantina Margiotoudi from Didymoteicho are three of the 206 top-flight students and researchers who will be receiving an Onassis Foundation scholarship for the 2017-18 academic year. It is with especial joy that the Onassis Foundation announces the completion of its evaluation and approval process and the awarding of 206 scholarships to students and academics from Greece and abroad--scholarships that will allow the recipients to study and conduct research both in Greece and internationally in a wide range of academic and artistic fields.

Consistent in the influential role it has played in the sphere of educational scholarships since 1978, the Onassis Foundation will once again be assisting those who have excelled, providing them with an opportunity to continue their careers, complete their studies, distinguish themselves in their fields, and pursue their dreams.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, following the meritocratic processes which it has applied unchanged for four decades now, the Board of the Onassis Foundation has approved the following 206 scholarships: In detail:

A. 96 scholarships were approved for Greeks to study abroad.

These break down into:

·     41 scholarships for doctoral studies

·     55 scholarships for postgraduate studies

B. 80 scholarships were approved for Greeks to study in Greece.             

These breaks down into:

·     38 scholarships for doctoral studies

·     42 scholarships for postgraduate studies

C. 30 scholarships were approved for non-Greeks to study exclusively in Greece and in fields relating to Hellenic/Greek civilization from prehistory/antiquity into the contemporary era.

These break down into:

·     10 scholarships to professors of all levels of seniority

·     10 scholarships for post-doctoral researchers

·     10 scholarships for Ph.D. candidates
The 30 researchers are from the following countries: the United Kingdom, Israel, Lithuania, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ireland, Turkey, Germany, the US, Belgium, Switzerland, Montenegro, Brazil, France and Serbia.

Interested parties can search the results of the approval process by entering their details at the following webpage.

This year’s awards mean that over 7000 students and researchers have, with the support of the Onassis Foundation, been able to participate in their fields, create their art, contribute to society, and forge impressive careers.
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