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04.01.2017 / Announcements


Reservations for the second cycle of the successful educational programme of the Onassis Foundation are now open for those interested in participating.

The Onassis Foundation invites children on the wide spectrum of autism and their parents to participate in the workshop ‘Music Loves Autism’. This successful educational programme will take place for a fifth consecutive year at the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, of the Onassis Foundation. The second cycle for 2016/17 will begin in February. Reservations deadline is 6 February 2017.

The workshop will also travel to new destinations throughout Greece for the third consecutive year. Next stop is Lefkada (20, 21, and 22 January 2017).

This successful educational programme takes place for the fifth consecutive year at the Onassis Cultural Centre. Also, this is the third year that it travels to new destinations throughout Greece.

The workshop consists of musical activities, especially designed for and adjusted to the particular abilities and wishes of children. For children on the broader spectrum of autism, music is a motive facilitating their interaction with their environment, and the development of communication skills and positive experiences as individuals and family members.

Using numerous musical compositions, we work through the notions of somatognosia (the awareness we have of the parts of our body) and space, as well as through children’s everyday activities and routines. Children creatively experience sound and familiarize themselves with various musical instruments. Music is, therefore, used as a means of communication and interaction. Particular focus is given on developing non-verbal communication.

The educational potential of children on the spectrum of autism is immense. This workshop of the Onassis Foundation aims to make children’s aesthetic education an integral part of their educational experience.

Through music, children experience working together with others and being part of a team in a safe environment.

The workshop concludes with a music celebration, prepared and performed by the children themselves.

The educational programme ‘Music Loves Autism’ will take place at the Onassis Cultural Centre of the Onassis Foundation in two cycles of workshops. In the last three years it has travelled to at least ten cities throughout Greece; dates for workshops in the provinces will be announced in a separate press release per region on the official website of the Onassis Foundation.

The workshops will be carried out by a specialized team, led by musicologist and music-therapist Christina Panagiotakou.

Cycle B: Workshops at the Onassis Cultural Centre (OCC)

Wednesday 8, 15, 22 February | 1, 8, 15 March
Children 5 to 7 years old: 16:00–18:00
Children 8 to 11 years old: 18:00–20:00

Onassis Cultural Centre (Syngrou Avenue 107, Neos Kosmos, Athens)

Participation Requirements (OCC)

1.    Each child must be accompanied by only one parent.
2.    The first meeting of each cycle is addressed solely to the parents who will accompany their children to the workshop.
3.    Participation is obligatory for all six meetings of each cycle. Telephone reservations are required. Participation will be decided on a first come first served basis.

Reservations – Information regarding the programme at OCC and the provinces

Telephone: 210 3713000

Participation to the programme is free. Reservations are required.
Participation will be decided on a first come first served basis.

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